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If anyone would like to volunteer their time and talents to crochet hats, the patterns are available by contacting Gretchen Huntley. Patterns will be sent out to volunteers along with a copy of the little gift cards that are attached to each hat. These hats upon completion can be donated to their local hospitals or cancer centers. Perhaps we can get women (or men) starting their own little chapter of "The Get Well Gang" in their area.

At this time we have now have over eighty women who volunteer their time and talents on a regular basis. We also have crafters who crochet hats and forward them from time to time.

Since the inception of "The Get Well Gang" in February 2003, we have been donating on the average of 1000 hats per year! We are very proud of this fact. Our wish, of course, is that these hats are not needed for this purpose, but as long as they are we will do our best to keep making them and sending them to patients.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who crafts a hat for us, or by way of making a donation, makes it possible for us to continue to make and ship these hats.

Special thanks goes out to BCAK, KnitTraders, TD Canada Trust, Gananoque branch and Strands of Time for their ongoing support of our project.

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